SLAGMen 2015 Run highest attendance ever!

Plans laid for next year’s Run — August 11 to 18 (Thursday to Thursday) are the dates to book off so YOU can be there!

Our 2015 Run was great!  A week of good weather with enough rain to make things fresh, and a record 19 guys on the weekend!  They came from all across Ontario, and as far afield as Michigan and San Francisco!   It was a wonderful mixed community of  great guys, diverse and interesting, supportive and varied.  Central Canada Drummer’s 2015 titleholder was there, along with previous titleholders, guys ranging from beginner to experienced, and ages from 20’s through 60’s.  

     There was the opening night cigar and bourbon/whiskey social, the thrills, chills and laughter of Saturday’s People’s Games, interesting scenes on the sidelines, and lots of socializing.  It was over way too quickly, and now the Run is put to bed for the season, ready to hibernate for the winter and start up with detailed planning when the snow melts.  The dates are already booked — so start making plans now if you’re thinking of coming.  Registration will open in Spring 2016.  

SLAGMen’s annual August Cabin/Camping Leather Denim Run  is a casual, friendly social week (or weekend) at an isolated camp north of Sudbury. With a Cabin 4 (play cabin) equipped with various loaner equipment to try out, plus other areas to do what you like with, it’s a great time to connect with other leather and adventurous men of all levels, with no pressure to do anything other than what you want to do with your time there.

There are 4 large cabins that sleep up to 24 men in single and double beds, plus some tenting sites for the more rugged.

Cabins have propane fridges and stoves, full running water, showers, and propane lights. The camp doesn’t have electricity, but thanks to Chuck Hydro and his amazing power generation and distribution system, there are electric lights for Cabin 4 and capacity for running C-pap machines.  More details about the run facilities here.

 You can come for the full week, just the weekend, or whatever combo you want. We don’t set 2016’s price  until the spring, but 2015 was $160 for the weekend or $355 for the full week – a great deal, considering it includes a private location, generous meals, a bed with bedding provided in a cabin, canoes, and even a wood heated hot tub to laze in in the evenings!

To download our run application please click here.

To securely purchase your flexible  run package with Pay Pal click here.

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