Our History

We evolved from Sudbury’s “Bear” group, SNO-Bears (Sudbury Northern Ontario Bears), which hosted an annual family BBQ at Sudbury Pride for several years, and organized a camping weekend near Sudbury in 2010 & full week in 2011.  

What started as a Leather and BDSM option at the weekend became more pronounced, and the split between more mainstream Bears who wanted a place to socialize and relax, and Leather type Bears who were more interested in adventure possibilities, started becoming an issue.  So in late 2011, we split off the Leather side into a separate group — SLAGMen (Sudbury Leather & Gay Men).  “SLAG” is not only an appropriate Sudbury name  (slag being the tough glassy rock left over after ore is smelted at the mines in Sudbury) but it was also the name of an early Sudbury gay group — Sudbury Lesbians and Gays.