1)  What do you mean – “leather and adventurous”?

We mean “Leather” in the broadest sense.  That can range from mild to heavy play, and can include BDSM (bondage, domination and sado/masochism), sensation play like flogging, whipping and percussion play, breath control, electro play, electro torture, sensory deprivation, sensory focusing, macho role play, puppy play, uniform, wrestling, fighting, fetish, master/slave relationship, sir/boy relationship, and any of a range of similar type adult kink and fetish play.  The common key for us is it being in the macho, stereotypical guy range of interests.   Activities are always to be sane, safe and consenting.


2)  What do you mean – “guy”?

This used to be easy – if you were born with male genitalia, you were a man.  These days, with physical gender being changeable, with more shadings than it had before, we’re going with “anyone who self identifies as a male”.  That means anyone born anatomically male, plus anyone transitioning into a man, or who lives as a man.


3)  So what about everyone else?

We’re focused on guy stuff and macho guy type play, so our private events (like our annual SLAGMen camping run) are deliberately kept male centered to maximize that atmosphere, play and sense of adventure.  At more public events (bar nights, munches, BDSM events, etc.) we connect and extend warm, hospitable welcome to those with similar interests, our “community friends”of any gender, orientation, or whatever.

Supporting the wider Leather, BDSM, etc. community is as important as taking time for our own community.

4)  Do I have to be a gay man?

No.  Obviously, a lot of guys into male/male leather (etc.) play will be solidly gay, but straight, bisexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible etc. men are certainly welcome.  Anything you do should be because you want to do it.  You set and negotiate your limits for type and intensity of play and physical contact with whoever you are interested in playing with.  And if you want to just socialize and mingle, or talk and learn, that’s fine too.

 Many Leather/BDSM/etc. activities aren’t necessarily sexual.  Activities such as  flogging, whipping, role play, etc. have their own rewards, and can go down without sex being involved.  The human psyche is an interesting mix of all sorts of possibilities, and we respect that.

That said, you should be comfortable mixing with gay men.


Any other questions? Please write us  at Info@SLAGMen.ca